Extra Large Outdoor Umbrella Systems

Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia has both fixed and non-fixed systems available for purchase. We sell extra-large outdoor umbrellas in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout the country. Our cutting-edge structures are an economical and attractive solution for residential and commercial properties. We have a range of styles and designs that can be customised to suit the architecture and structural elements of your building.


Fixed PVC Umbrella: Up to 5m in diameter

Similar to our shade sails, this system is a popular choice for commercial and public spaces. It is a very practical solution for restaurant decks, reception centres, council areas, etc. Mostly made of stretched PVC membrane, they can also come with inbuilt heaters. These outdoor umbrellas have a centre pole or side, offset support pole and are permanently fixed. They are also available in extra-large sizes up to 25 sq/m of coverage.

Coastal Umbrella: Up to 5m in diameter

These large, deck umbrellas are simply fantastic. They can rotate up to 360 degrees, with a cantilevered arm that allows the membrane to follow the sun and create shade. They are easily collapsible and can be packed away to half their size when not in use. Our deck umbrellas come with a free, transit storage bag. They are very popular in small areas, which do not have the capacity for larger poles — such as child care centres. Their membrane is made of the best shade cloth available and can have a rotatable span up to 5 metres.

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