Clear Cafe Bistro Blinds

no UV filter blindOne of the pioneers, Sunsoft has installed many blind systems throughout Australia, both domestically and in particular, commercial applications such as restaurants/hotels. They are designed to provide a simple, cost effective solution for enclosing exterior areas like balconies, pergolas and patios. 

Our blinds offer complete protection from the elements, with a four point securing system that will ensure that the blinds stay flat and taut when in the unrolled position. The result is excellent optical clarity and an effective seal against harsh weather conditions. The blinds can be opened and secured in place, or rolled up out of sight in a matter of seconds.

Sunsoft See Thru Windbreak Rollup Café Bistro Blinds are made to your specific requirements. Installation is by our team of qualified installers. It is good to know that there are no council requirements for permits or permission needed to erect the blinds. They are a safe and attractive addition to your property.

Sunsoft See Thru Windbreak Rollup Café Bistro Blinds are manufactured from hard wearing, clear UV stabilised PVC panels, aluminium sail track frames and optional zip system. On top of this, all workmanship and materials can be covered by up to a three year guarantee.

We only use the best clear plastic. It is from Japan, 1 mm thick and is UV stabilized. Other fabricators use .75mm thick material. For blinds this is totally inadequate, particularly in strong winds. We only recommend 1mm thick PVC for this reason.

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