Stunning Online Range of Outdoor Bistro Blinds

Beautiful patterns and bright colours, this is what best defines our cutting-edge systems. Bistro Blinds are an attractive addition to your home or restaurant. Unlike pergolas, patios and balconies, they don’t only enclose exterior areas and provide protection from harmful sun rays. Our blinds also offer a simple and cost effective solution during rains and storms.

Our outdoor bistro blinds come in different styles and materials - so you can select one online, which seems perfect for your place. In Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of Australia, there are many different industry suppliers but Sunsoft Shade Systems are known as the pioneers in this business.

A superior product

We have installed many blinds throughout Australia. Whether it is a domestic project or a commercial one, we design the best structure to provide you with a beautiful and sun safe, enclosed area. Featuring a four point securing system, our blinds not only offer complete protection from all kinds of weather elements but will also stay flat and taut when in an unrolled position. They offer excellent optical clarity and an effective seal against harsh weather conditions. Our outdoor blinds are also quick, easy and safe to open or close.

Attractive and economical blinds

(H3) Attractive and economical blinds Our bistro blinds can be purchased online in Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia. Made according to your specific requirements, they are generally see through and only qualified installers are sent to fix them.

We use hard wearing, aluminium sail track frames, clear UV stabilized PVC panels and an optional zip system to manufacture our outdoor structures. Moreover, our clear plastic is 1mm thick and UV stabilized. This allows them to withstand harsh storms and windy weather.

When choosing a system for your place, there are different materials to look at. Vinyl or fabric panels are known as the most cost effective options. They are also waterproof and easy to install.

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Whether you would like to install bistro blinds in Melbourne or waterproof sails in Sydney, we can provide you with superior products for competitive prices. Call us today on (03) 9429 4606 or on our worksite direct 0411 408 55 to discuss design solutions.