Order Cafe Blinds Online For Your Melbourne Establishment

Awnings and blinds are commonly seen in residential places and commercial joints. Restaurants, cafeterias and mobile vending stands, often use these sun protecting shelters. In Australia, you will hardly see any cafe or restaurant without these blinds. They keep the sun out and provide protection against rain and snow. They are the best way to filter UV light, protect food from spoiling and avoid premature fading of upholstery and furniture. With so many benefits, cafe blinds are frequently used in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Extensive online range of blinds

Whether it is to cover windows, eaves or the doorways – cafe blinds can be used in different ways. In fact, we have a wide range of styles and designs available online. Some are more popular than others, as they are designed to do a better job and offer more value for money. Our range includes dome shaped, convex, concave, gable style and peaked style blinds. All these bring a charming look to your place and are ideal for protecting you from harsh UV rays. Moreover, these are easy to roll down and roll up. Some of our designs are capable of being fitted over larger entrances, while others are specifically designed for windows and doorways.

We use different materials to manufacture our cafe blinds. Some are made of cotton, some from canvas and others even include polyester and acrylic fabrics. Mesh, resin and PVC are other materials that are commonly used for manufacturing our products.

Practicalities of aluminium blinds

Our fabric-made blinds are comparatively more versatile than others. However, when it comes to maintenance, they can be tough to handle, especially in dusty conditions. Aluminium models are the perfect choice to avoid this problem. Extremely water resistant, they work well in cold and wet climates. However, they do not come in as many colours, styles and patterns.

The importance of correct installation

It is crucial that your cafe blinds are installed correctly. They should be fitted so that there is appropriate space for ventilation to avoid mold and ugly water stain formation. Also, the frame should be well; supported and quite strong.

Keeping all these points in mind, Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia designs, creates and sells cafe blinds online in Melbourne and throughout the country. After all, we are pioneers in this field and are known for providing cost effective solution for outdoor shading. So, call us today on (03) 9429 4606 or on our worksite direct 0411 408 554.

To know more, visit us at www.sunsoft.com.au