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Stay comfortable, add-value to your investment and protect your property from the harmful effects of the environment. Sunsoft has solutions for every outdoor shaded and waterproof situation. We supply residential, commercial and industrial shade sails in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia.

Certification for Educational Facilities

It is now a requirement from Work Safe, the Victorian Education Department and Early Childhood Development that all flexible shade systems in schools and public areas be audited by a reputable company at least once a year. Every three years a structural engineer must also complete these safety audits. Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia, who are one of Australia’s leading shade structure designers, fabricators and installers would be happy to assist in such safety audits for your commercial, industrial or educational facility.

Safety warning

By law, any structure over 10 sq. metres must be constructed and built by a registered practitioner. They must also have public liability insurance and workers insurance. Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia Pty Ltd satisfies both these requirements.

Want to take advantage of your outdoor living space in Melbourne? Want your customers to enjoy their coffee outdoors without bothering about harsh UV rays in Perth? If so, you are at the right place.

Sunsoft Shade Systems Australia

Sunsoft is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of outdoor bistro blinds, shade sails, umbrellas, shade cloth blinds, and many others products that provide protection against the harsh Australian weather. All our products are designed to offer the ultimate protection against the blazing sun and sudden rainfall. Apart from making your outdoor space more useful and comfortable, our products will also add beauty and charm to your commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

Why choose our products?

If you are looking for cafe blinds we could be your best choice. We have been in this business for about 20 years. Many leading commercial and educational facilities in Melbourne and throughout Australia use our products. From private schools to sports arenas, our shade sails can be used for almost any outdoor place. They come with an extended warranty of around 10 years and if maintained properly, outdoor bistro blinds will last for decades.

  • We are afully insured company. Therefore, you will not be liable for any damage that happens to the property and people.
  • We used highest level of workmanship to ensure that you get the best products. Our advanced, industrial machinery and highly skilled people help us manufacture the best quality systems in the country.
  • Our products provide maximum protection against harmful UV rays. They are also100% water proof.
  • We are affiliated with the Australian Canvas & Synthetic Products Association (ACASPA) and Lightweight Structures Association of Australia (LSAA). Our affiliations are a clear indication of the quality of products that we manufacture.
  • Not sure which product will suit your needs? Don’t worry; we also offer comprehensive consultation services.
  • We are registered with the CBUS and are a Registered Building Practitioner.

These are just some of the reasons why we are the most trustworthy suppliers of commercial bistro blinds and industrial sun sails in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Our products are highly customised to suit your exact requirements. They are an intelligent but economical investment for your property. Our shade sails are not like any other dull and boring products. They are intelligently crafted for extra. They can give a welcoming look to your cafe without having you break your bank for buying them. Our products come with a long warranty and do not require much maintenance. However, in case you feel they require some repair, we will restore them immediately.

Please get in contact today

Our products are sold across Australia. Call us at (03) 9429 4606 or on our worksite direct 0411 108 554. to know more about our products, their prices, and their availability in your region. Whether you want industrial shade sails in Melbourne or commercial blinds in Adelaide, we can provide you with the ultimate outdoor shading solution.